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        • Accelerate learning
        • Enhance skills
        • More interactive
        • Instant exam/review results

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What should be assessed?

  • Thinking critically and making judgements
  • Solving problems and developing plans
  • Performing procedures and demonstrating techniques
  • Managing and developing oneself
  • Accessing and managing information
  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding
  • Designing, creating and performing
  • Communicating

(Nightingale et al.,1996, p.3)

cone of learning

Why Online


Many adults who want to return to school to take reviews might be working full time, or they might also have a family to care for. For those people, taking the time to drive out to class in the evenings while working during the day is not feasible. Online education allows for the attendance of class wherever the student has access to the Internet. Online learning is,  available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so the student can take their learnings and simulation whenever it’s most convenient.


Students also save money, since online programs cost less per credit hour, and students have no transportation expenses. Individuals who have children also may study at home and save on the cost of child care. Students may also be able to reduce the total course time if they can devote more time in single sittings.


Online learning also provides many additional benefits beyond just convenience and financial savings. An independent approach to distance learning teaches the student to be a more effective time manager. With online learning, a student may develop the technological skills needed in their future careers. Familiarity on possible question and situation that might appear on actual board exam, with continuous simulation , students can be easily used on time pleasure that usually adopted while taking assessments , and online learning helps strengthen these skills.


A 2010 research evaluation performed by the U.S. Department of Education showed that higher education students enrolled in online learning courses performed just as well as those enrolled in on-campus courses and programs. However, those who combined online learning with occasional on-campus visits actually performed better academically than individuals in traditional, on-campus formats.

Why Online Assessments can help

Using such tools to develop your self-awareness, or understanding more about your readiness on passing the actual Nursing Licensure Exam. This development process should run parallel to your academic studies, and the two processes should complement each other.

As you progress through your course, you should gain knowledge of your subject and assessments. Together, this knowledge helps you prepare for what you want to do next, by helping you to:

  • Accelerate learning
  • Enhance skills
  • Make the right choices (e.g. whether to take an actual NLE or take a further course of study
  • Make the most of your learning opportunities
  • More interactive
  • Instant exam/review results…others
  • Study smarter by knowing the user’s weak areas
  • Focus the review on weak learning concepts
  • Get away with cramming & stress from deadlines thru this self- paced learning system environment
  • Questions are displayed randomly, combining all categories
  • Rationale, answer keys and the scores can only be viewed after the exam
  • In case of disconnection, the user can resume the exam anytime
  • Online review accessible 24/7
  • User can take the exam anytime they want
  • Access & familiarize over 10,000 random questions in our database
  • Visually monitor progress thru interactive chart & stats
  • Identify what are your key skills and what part of your course do you need to improve
  • identify and develop strategies to deal with things you might find difficult


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

– Robert Collier

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